Pet Forwarding

Import and Export


We, at Mitchville Relopet, are mindful that pets’ relocation are always stressful, and sometimes traumatic for pets. With this in mind, we make every endeavour to see that every shipment of pets is handled with utmost concern and care, so that they can have a safe, secure and comfortable travel.

For a hassle-free pet relocation and at a competitive fee, we can undertake all the mundane tasks of acquiring all the necessary documentation, veterinary works and transportation required. Then, in conjunction with our associates around the world, we can ship your pet to any city, anywhere in the world for you. We can also supply IATA (International Air Transport Association) approved cages for your pet’s travel.

Our services include the following as outlined:

• Documentation – Export/ Import Licences, Health Certificate and ..Quarantine (if necessary);
• Flight arrangements and routings;
• Transportation (pick up, delivery);
• Supplying of approved travelling cages;
• Microchip Implantation
• Rabies Testing package
• Door to door service
• Transshipment of pets that do not have direct acceptance from importing countries
• Other pets’ related service

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