About us



When it comes to dealing with pets, the keyword is EXPERIENCE; no substitutes!!  However, if experience is coupled with associated formal qualifications, the end result is Quality Service. Here in Mitchville Relopet Pte Ltd, we are proud to have both these facets for Quality Service in our founder, advisor, consultant and pioneer in pet handling, Mr Michael Chan, who prides in handling your pets with a team of trained staffs who are being led by his son, Mr Damian Chan.dphh

Mr Michael Chan, a former officer-in-charge of the Singapore Police Force Dog Unit, has been in this business since early 1980’s.  One would say that he has “gone to the dogs”.  He has the singular honour of being the first Asian to be elected to the Board of the renowned INTERNATIONAL PET & ANIMAL TRANSPORT ASSOCIATION (IPATA).

After Mr Michael Chan’s retirement, Mr Damian Chan continues his spirit in pets handling and directs a team to spare no effort to provide every detail and comfort for your pets, so that they can be with you, wherever you are. At Mitchville, we love pets and ARE genuinely concerned, so we feel that they deserve no lesser than humans!